Stunning beaches, wildlife, pleasant weather, and a healthy economy are a few reasons people move to South Florida. If you move from another part to south Florida or move locally, you want to make it stress-free. How do you do that? You can choose a South Florida moving company to make your move go smoothly whether you’re relocating to or from Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, West Palm Beach, Miami, or any other city.

Finding the right moving company is not easy. Some movers offer low prices, but there are safety concerns, whereas other moving companies charge you a fortune. You can avoid all hassles by choosing All American Moving and Storage,  the best south Florida moving company. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited moving company operating in South Florida for years.

Benefits of Moving to South Florida

South Florida has not only mesmerizing coastline and wildlife, but there are many other advantages you enjoy when moving to this part of the county.

Warm Weather

Most of the USA is covered by snow in winter, but South Florida is relatively warm. Apart from the summer season when it is humid, residents enjoy pleasant weather almost all year. When moving, having a company that understands the summer storms is definitely a plus!


South Florida is known for its wildlife. If you are a nature lover, you can enjoy time visiting the national parks there. When moving to or from Florida, knowing the area is helpful to avoid all of the critters who also call Florida home.

No Income Tax

The state does not charge you income tax. It means you will have more money to spend. Save, or hire some great movers to get you relocated!

Doing Things Yourself vs Hiring Professional Movers

Moving to a new place is exciting, but it can cost you a significant amount of money as well. You think you can save money by packing things yourself rather than hiring professionals; however, items not packed correctly tend to get damaged or broken during transport, ending up costing you more in the long run! Is it worth the risk of doing it yourself?

Doing things on your own

When you move things yourself, you have to pack, load, unpack and hire a truck yourself. You have to buy packaging boxes and other materials and start packing things slowly. Once you pack the things, you need to hire a truck and load them. 

You should hire laborers to lift heavy goods like cupboards, beds, pianos, and heavy appliances. Lifting these things yourself may cause injuries. Moreover, you can damage your possessions.

Hiring Professional Moving Companies

Professional moving companies can help you avoid the hassles of packing, lifting, and unpacking. It saves a lot of time and helps you remain stress-free. You can utilize that time in doing other work. Moreover, moving companies have professionals who know how to pack every item to avoid damage during transportation. We are one of the few companies operating in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Miami Dade, and other parts of South Florida that provide insurance coverage for damaged items.

    Mistakes to Avoid While Moving

    We often make mistakes while moving to a new house or shifting our business. We can make moving less stressful by avoiding those mistakes.

    • Wait until the last minute for packing.
    • Not researching a moving company and hire a random carrier
    • Spending time packing
    • Packing things incorrectly
    • Not getting an estimate for moving
    • Not opting for a moving insurance

    Qualities that Make a Trustworthy Moving Company

    When you are moving to a new location, you must hire a reliable moving company. It will make moving hassle-free. Unfortunately, not all of the moving companies in South Florida are trustworthy. You need to look at a few qualities that make a reliable moving company.


    Choose a moving company with an excellent track record. You must check the reviews of the previous customer to understand their service quality.


    Experience is another crucial factor to look at before choosing a moving company. Packing and moving require experience, and companies with long experience understand the work in a better way.

    Trained Professionals

    Companies with trained professional workers always deliver the best results. This especially applies to moving companies! All American Moving and Storage has trained professionals who ensure the safety of your items while moving quickly to get the job done! 

    Provide Moving Insurance

    When you are moving, unfortunately, things can get damaged. Moving insurance may not help you avoid accidental damage, but it certainly provides you with peace of mind knowing your items are covered!

    How Much Do Moving Companies Charge for Moving in South Florida?

    The cost of domestic and commercial moving in South Florida depends on various factors like distance, the season when you are moving, and availability to drivers. Moving companies base their estimates on many factors, and, unfortunately, some companies have hidden charges. 

    It’s best to get a free quote from multiple companies and compare services. Understanding the services you will be receiving will help you avoid any disputes later. Additionally, you get an idea of the moving costs and comparisons. Start by getting a free quote from All American Moving and Storage.

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    Why choose just any moving company when you can hire the best South Florida Moving company at an affordable cost? 

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